In the modern Western world especially, our physical body is constantly subjected to heavy stresses. It breathes heavily polluted air; ingests all manner of chemicals in “enriched” foods; and has to deal with noise, unpleasant smells and a bombardment of information and stimuli of all kinds. Add to this too little sunlight, too little exercise, and jobs which require us to spend the day sitting down. The body has to deal with stress, social uncertainty, relationship problems, electro-magnetic waves, etc, etc.

All of these factors place a particularly heavy strain on the cleansing organs of the body, the liver and kidneys, which are often overwhelmed. The result is a build-up of toxins and waste products in the body, which then creates a vicious circle, since the over-burdened body loses ever more of its capacity to deal with the burden. It becomes ever weaker, more “thin skinned”, inflexible and fragile.

This is not an entirely new phenomenon. In earlier times and in other cultures people had to deal with daily stresses and extraordinary burdens. There has always been stress and disease; there have always been social and professional problems. But it was precisely these difficulties that spurred people to change and develop. One was, and is, forced to consider the causes of these problems. Ayurveda, as “teachings for a healthy life”, not only helps us to regain our physical health but also gives us guidelines for all aspects of human existence: from interpersonal relations to wider social interactions; from natural laws to spirituality and the question of life’s purpose…

… the first step in cleansing and detoxing our bodies is to recognize the imbalance in our doshas without going to extreme lengths. We get the most important indicators from looking at our tongue, skin and excreta (Malas).

Digestion and metabolism are active in the stomach and intestinal tract during the day. The rest of the digestive and metabolic process takes place during the night, along with tissue regeneration. Waste matter and toxins pass into the emunctories, to be eliminated in the morning. It is therefore extremely important that we get sufficient rest at night, in order to assist these regenerative and detoxification processes.

(Extracted from the book: “Entschlacken und Entgiften mit Ayurveda” by Nicky Sitaram Sabnis)

For detoxification to be successful the following points must be taken into account:

  • The reasons for the build-up of toxins
  • The seven types of tissue (dhatu)
  • The effect of specific foods on the tissues
  • The effect of toxins on the doshas

Further detailed information can be found in “Entschlacken und Entgiften mit Ayurveda” by Nicky Sitaram Sabnis

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