Up to this point we have only given you a brief and fairly basic insight into ayurvedic nutrition. Perhaps, on first sight, it all appears rather complicated. But one thing should always be borne in mind: eating should be fun! It should be a pleasure, give us optimal nutrition, taste good, and help us to stay healthy, without having to practise self-denial.

Learn to pay conscious attention to your diet, using all your senses. Your body will tell you which foods are wholesome: it recognises the quality of the ingredients and of the freshly prepared dishes, and will even tell you the right amount you should eat. 

Be attentive! Your five senses – taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch – can all help you.

Then you will find it easy to integrate ayurvedic principles into your everyday life – and you will notice your body saying “thank you” with renewed energy and vitality; for when the elements are balanced we feel good and we enjoy good health. Our vital energy, Prana, is strengthened.

The ayurvedic way of life creates space in our hearts and in our souls, because it is in touch with Nature

(Extracted from the book: “Kochen und genießen nach Ayurveda”)

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im Kochbuch „Kochen und genießen nach Ayurveda”

“Ayurveda is that which is concerned with the good and the bad, with the happy and the unhappy;
with that which supports life and that which blocks it; with the nature of Life itself and that of all living beings.”