For Ayurveda, too, exercise and sport are essential for one’s health. However, this does not mean arduous muscle building or hugely energetic, competitive sport. The ideal goal of ayurvedic movement practices is to bring the mind and the body into harmony. Walking in Nature is very close to this ideal, since it is a natural form of movement.

Different types of physical exercise are recommended for the individual doshas. Mixed types should combine individual exercises, according to where they perceive an imbalance in themselves. Above all, sport and exercise should be fun and joyful.

The best time to exercise is in the morning after a bath or shower. So build in half an hour before breakfast for your chosen exercise or activity. This will be particularly beneficial if done outside in the fresh air.

Harmony through yoga

Yoga has a particularly close connection to the ayurvedic lifestyle since they share the same spiritual basis.

Different physical exercises are practised, depending on one’s individual constitution, in order to bring the doshas into harmony. By means of the so-called “asanas” (postures), tension in the tissues and organs is released, and muscles, ligaments and joints are kept flexible. Yoga has a beneficial effect on all of the body’s functions, and thus helps the body to cleanse itself in a natural way. Moreover, the relaxing effect of yoga reduces tension and stress, significantly increasing one’s feeling of wellbeing.

Extracted from the book: “Kochen und genießen nach Ayurveda”

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im Buch „Kochen und genießen nach Ayurveda”

“The soul loves moderation in all things. One should therefore practise moderation in all things”

Hildegard von Bingen