At the heart of ayurvedic philosophy are the five elements: Ether (Space), Air, Fire, Water and Earth, from which the entire universe is formed. Unmanifested, undifferentiated energy (Mahat-Tattwa) was moved by Prana, the primary energy of life, and thus the first element, Ether, or Space, (Akasha) was created. The element Air (Vayu) was then created through the condensing of Ether. The element Fire (Tejas) evolved from the motion of Air in Ether. The cooling and condensing of Fire brought forth the element Water (Jala, or Ap). And finally, from the density of Water evolved Earth (Prithvi).

These five elements constitute the  building blocks of the whole of Nature, and thus of Man, too. They manifest in the different structures and functions of the body.

Thus we find the Earth element in the hard tissue of the bones, teeth, nails and hair; Water, in the circulation of blood and other body fluids; Fire, in the metabolic processes, digestion and detoxification; Air, in breathing and movement; and Ether, in the nervous system.

“Each of us is born with an individual combination of these elements; it informs our constitution, our temperament, our character and our external appearance. This inborn, basic constitution is called “Prakruti” in Ayurveda. It changes only slightly during the course of our lives. When we can recognise it in ourselves we find individually tailored ways to cleanse and detox our bodies, since every constitution reacts differently. We can gain renewed energy, without pressure, and whilst enjoying delicious food, simply by eating in accordance with our own constitution.”

(Extracted from the book: Entschlacken und Entgiften mit Ayurveda, by Nicky Sitaram Sabnis)

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"Do something good for your body so that your soul can take pleasure in living in it."

Teresa von Avila