The five elements are correlated with three basic energies, the so-called “doshas”: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each dosha is comprised of two elements:

  • VATA: Ether and Air
  • KAPHA: Water and Earth
  • PITTA: Fire and Water

These three life energies direct all our physical and mental processes. Each dosha has its own area of responsibility; together, their perfect interaction creates an individual's equilibrium.

For example, Vata directs movement, both physical and mental. Metabolism and all transformative processes are controlled by Pitta. Kapha regulates the structure and stability of the body. The three doshas are present in every cell of the body - in every piece of tissue, in every organ, albeit in differing proportions. They are subject to constant change: they follow the rhythms of day and night, of the seasons, and they alter according to our time of life. Any one dosha will be particularly active at certain times of the day, during certain seasons, and at specific times in our lives.

These life energies work together in in every aspect of nature: the rain gives moisture to the earth - Kapha. The warmth of the sun (Pitta) allows plants to grow and crops to ripen; and the wind (Vata) assists pollination so that the next generation of plants is ensured. Our food contains the three doshas in varying degrees. Through the correct choice of food we can tailor our nutrition to our own constitution, and specifically choose those foods which promote detoxification of the body.

Extracted from the book: “Entschlacken und Entgiften mit Ayurveda” by Nicky Sitaram Sabnis. 




erfahren Sie im Buch „Entschlacken und entgiften mit Ayurveda”

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