There should always be time for healthy and balanced eating. Healthy eating is not a question of income or social status. Food is the fuel that keeps us alive and should be bought and prepared with this in mind.


Nicky likes to ask the question: “When you order a takeaway to be delivered to your home, what do you do with the time between ordering it and its delivery? And how do you feel after eating it?“ In his cookery books and courses, Nicky proves repeatedly that you can prepare a really excellent and healthy meal in fifteen minutes. A meal which is not only satisfying, but which is also healthy and looks after the body.

The is a range offer of ayurvedic cookery courses. If you decide to take one of Nicky you will benefit from his long years of experience in Indian kitchens.

For Nicky Sitaram Sabnis, ayurvedic cuisine is much more than a reduction of foods and spices to three doshas and a constitutional typology. Ayurveda is much more than a strict diet with commandments and prohibitions. Nor should one expect a culinary extravaganza with smoked tofu or marinaded dates on a bed of saffron cream!

For Nicky Sitaram Sabnis Ayurveda is a philosophy of life and this is reflected in his teaching.  Learn how the unique spices of India affect the body. Learn about the different tastes and their effect on our bodies. Discover the fun in cooking and eating!

And above all: discover how the principles of Ayurveda can also be applied to regional and local cuisine.

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