Rent An Ayurveda Cook

Ayurvedic cuisine is continually gaining new friends and supporters. Nicky Sitaram Sabnis offers a “Rent an Ayurveda Chef“ service for weddings, parties and themed events. 


We receive frequent requests to provide the catering for trade fairs and other large-scale events.

Through our cookery school and our professional training programme we can put you in touch with a fully qualified Ayurveda chef and, if needed, appropriate support personnel.

It must be emphasised here that Nicky Sitaram Sabnis himself is UNAVAILABLE for any events outside of the Frauenwörth abbey!

Please send your request(s) to us in good time. In order to make suitable provision we will need as precise a brief as possible regarding the event and your expectations.

  • When will the event take place?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • What catering facilities are available at the location?
  • Will you require the chef to attend meetings before the event?
  • Will there be kitchen helpers available at the event?
  • How many people are to be catered for?
  • Are there any specific dietary requirements?
  • What kind of an event is it?
  • What type of guest will be catered for? (Business, private, children)